About Us

Institute of Lingnan Penjing, Hong Kong was officially founded by Mr. Wong Chau Shing and some other founding members on October 8th, 2007. The purpose of the Institute is to promote the art of Lingnan Penjing and increase the technical skill level of Lingnan Penjing. With this target in mind, the Institute does its best to provide a platform for penjing enthusiasts to learn and exchange ideas with each other, practice and sharpen their penjing skills, and promote the art of penjing to the world.

– Objective –

  1. Promote the art of Chinese Lingnan Penjing
  2. Enhance the understanding and strengthen the technical skill level of Chinese Lingnan Penjing
  3. Organize and host bonsai-related activities and events, with the goal of educating and cultivating a new generation of Chinese Lingnan Penjing enthusiasts

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