Activity Photos

Penjing-Club-Activity 2013 The 4th ILPHK Penjing Competition2013 – Highlights
Penjing-Club-Activity 2013 The 4th ILPHK Penjing Competition2013 – Penjing
Penjing-Club-Activity 2-Day Guangzhou Penjing Exhibition Tour
Penjing-Club-Activity 5-Day Changzhou International Penjing Exhibition Tour
Penjing-Club-Activity 2013 Tuen Mun Bonsai and Orchid Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2013 Hong Kong Flower Show
Penjing-Club-Activity 2012 The 3th ILPHK Penjing Competition
Penjing-Club-Activity 7 Days Jiangnan Penjing Tour
Penjing-Club-Activity The 8th Chinese Penjing Show – Penjing Gallery
Penjing-Club-Activity 2012 (Zhongshan Ancient Town) Chinese Penjing Collection Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity Cheng Joi Kuen and Wong Chau Shing sharing Lingnan Penjing techniques and ideas in Yuen Long penjing workshop
Penjing-Club-Activity 2012 Hong Kong Flower Show
Penjing-Club-Activity 2012 Grafting Technique One-Day Class
Penjing-Club-Activity 2012 Chinese New Year Gathering
Penjing Club Activity 2012 Year End Dinner
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 Northern Region Penjing Exhibition (Highlights of Set-Up & Clean-Up)
Penjing-Club-Activity The 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 The 2nd ILPHK Penjing Competition – Winning Penjing
Penjing-Club-Activity The 9th Canton, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Penjing Art Exhibition & The 5th Guangzhou Huadu Rock Appreciation Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 September Penjing One-day Class
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 May Activity Day
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 May Daliang Penjing Association Penjing Show
Penjing-Club-Activity 2011 February Chinese New Year Party
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2011 January Inaugural Ceremony & New Year Dinner
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2011 January With Hainan Penjing Association – Penjing Garden of Hong Kong Penjing and Artstone Society and Chi Lin Nunnery
Penjing-Club-Activity 2010 December The 1st ILPHK Penjing Competition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2010 November 2010 Guangzhou International Penjing Invitational Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2010 November 2010 Guizhou Trip
Penjing-Club-Activity 2010 April Multitrunk Bonsai Style Class
Penjing-Club-Activity 2009 October 2009 Yingde Rock-Searching Trip
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2009 July Mini Penjing Class
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2008 November Qu Yi Garden + Guangzhou Lingnan Penjing Exhibition
Penjing-Club-Activity 2008 October 2008 Trip to Nanjing Bonsai Show, Huang Shan, & Hangzhou
Penjing-Club-Activity 2008 February Guangzhou West Garden Penjing
Penjing-Club-Activity 2008 January 2008 Chinese New Year Dinner Party
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2007 December Visit 海南省盆景藝術專業委員會 (literal translation: Hainan Province Bonsai Art Professional Committee)
Lingnan Penjing Club Activity 2007 May Visit Guangzhou Penjing Exhibition