Characteristics of Chinese Lingnan Penjing

Wong-Chau-Shing-Penjing– Spring from the Mother Nature, Exceed the Mother Nature –

Chinese lingnan penjing embraces the Mother Nature. While it imitates the fascinating scenery in the nature, it is not bounded by any rule or formula. Because of its ability to associate its audiences with the beauty and majesty of the Mother Nature in a merely small pot, lingnan penjing is praised an art that “Spring from the Mother Nature, Exceed the Mother Nature” (源於自然,超於自然).

– Convey Messages and Thoughts through Comprised Style and Ambiance –

Lingnan penjing is not only about the outer beauty. Every penjing has its own unique ambiance and mood. When viewing a lingnan penjing, one should savour the messages and emotions that the lingnan penjing artist is trying to express.

– Prune Trees with “Grow and Clip” Method –

Lingnan penjing artists prune trees with the “Grow and Clip” method. Instead of bending by wires, the branches are kept being clipped as they grow. Every clip creates a new turn and a new session on the branch, and in every session, there grows new branches. Eventually, as the tree keeps growing and being pruned by this particular method, it will taper from the base to apex, the proportions between the trunk and branches will be greatly developed, with branches full of turns and twists.