How to Appreciate Chinese Lingnan Penjing

An excellent Lingnan penjing should have the following characteristics:

– Style –

  • The base of the tree truck should look strong, yet rugged and aged.
  • The branches should be naturally in proportion, with focus point clearly defined.
  • The size of the tree crown should get smaller as it goes to the top in a natural way.
  • Amount of roots showing should be just right. If too much roots is shown, it may affect the health of the tree. If not enough roots is shown, the tree may not look as strong and aged as we want it to be.

– Pruning Techniques –

  • Don’t leave (or at least minimize) any trace of cutting and pruning
  • Be aware of the density of the branches. While an unreasonably naked tree with very few branches is undesirable, a tree with overly stuffed foliage that block the view of the structure of the truck and branches is equally undesirable.

Wong-Chau-Shing-Penjing– Growing Condition –

  • The tree should be growing healthily with no pest and disease problem.
  • Unless the tree naturally has yellow or variegated leaves, the tree should have shiny, green foliage.
  • Flowering species should be able to fully blossom.
  • Fruit-bearing species should be able to bear many fruits.

– Ambiance –

  • An excellent penjing can touch its audiences with resonance, as if bringing its audiences to the scenery that is presented in the pot.

Wong-Chau-Shing-Penjing– Pot / Container –

  • Size of pot – A pot too small makes the penjing look too crammed, while a pot too large makes the penjing look too empty. (A pot too large also lessens the relative size and strength of the tree(s) in the penjing.)
  • The color of pot should harmonize with the penjing.
  • The shape of the pot should complement with the size and style of the penjing.

– Display Stand –

  • The size, height, and shape of the display stand should match well with the size and style of the penjing.

– Accessories & Background –

  • The figurines, rocks, and accessories in the penjing should be in proportion with the tree(s), as well as with one another. The whole picture in the penjing should look natural.

– Titling –

  • A great title brings life into the penjing, suggesting another perspective of the penjing to its audiences, inviting the audiences to view the penjing in another way, so to understand the thoughts and emotions of the penjing artist that may be hidden inside the art.
  • The title must be relevant, natural, and elegant.